Best Blinds for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a popular feature in Australian homes. They allow you to maximise light and airflow without interfering with your view, creating a sense of space. That said, if you do still want to limit some light and add privacy when needed, blinds are essential. The right blinds will look great and offer light control and privacy, all without robbing you of your view or reducing any sense of space. And when it comes to adding blinds to your sliding, stacking, or folding doors, these are the best options.

Vertical Blinds

Classic, traditional, but far from old-fashioned. Vertical blinds are easy to use, durable, and don’t gather dust easily, making them easier to keep clean. The range of materials, moden track profiles, and colours you can now choose from is what keeps vertical blinds from being old-fashioned, allowing them to perfectly complement the rest of your décor. When closed they afford you privacy without completely blocking out light or airflow, and you can tilt the slats to allow more air or light in. When sliding them open, you can either slide them just enough to clear the entryway, or fully to maximise your view with a minimal stackback. They can be controlled with the traditional cord or the more child safety friendly option of a draw wand.

Panel Glide Blinds

Like vertical blinds, panel glide blinds run along a track, but with each panel stacking up behind the next. This makes it easier to only open certain panels, giving you greater control over light and airflow. The panels are much wider than the slats on vertical blinds (generally 1000mm), so the stackback is more noticeable. The panels can also be made in a variety of widths that further influence the look and function. If you like the idea of vertical blinds but find them a little too traditional for your space, panel glide blinds are a great, modern option.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters bring a very distinctive look to any room they are used in, whether added to windows, sliding doors, or both. They offer great control over privacy, light, and ventilation, and in addition to being durable are also easy to keep clean. However, they aren’t always well-suited to high-traffic areas, and regardless of whether you choose hinged bi-folding or sliding shutters, they will take up considerably more space when open than other blind types. But they look amazing!

Roller Blinds

Like panel glide blinds, roller blinds can be made up in a variety of widths, making them equally suitable for use on sliding and stacking doors. You could choose to have a wide blind in the middle of the door span, with two narrower blinds on either side, giving you greater control over light, airflow, and privacy. Alternatively, you can link one or more blinds so they open and close together. You can even have them motorised and set to go up and down automatically at certain times of the day. The fabric you choose can also offer control over light and privacy, with a huge range of sheer and blockout options available.

The complimentary design consultation we offer with our obligation-free measure and quote service can help ensure you get the perfect blinds for your sliding doors, whatever the style and size is.