What Are the Best Blinds for Large Windows?

Large windows are a fantastic–and sought after–feature in homes. They don’t only amplify scale; they also allow an abundance of light in and don’t limit your view. But these benefits can also be a disadvantage. The size of the windows makes dressing them tricky, especially when it comes to having to control or limit the amount of light being allowed in or adding privacy when needed.

If you decide to use blinds on your large windows, your options are going to be influenced by the type of windows you have. The best blinds for large, punched windows won’t always work with window walls.

The Best Blinds for Punched Windows

For large, punched windows that are positioned in the middle of a wall, the best blinds would be Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, cellular blinds, or plantation shutters. They are all available in a wide range of materials and/or colours to complement the style and décor of your home. And none of them will look out of place on large windows that don’t extend from ceiling to floor or even wall to wall.

While Venetian blinds and plantation shutters do give you greater control over light and privacy by simply adjusting the blades or slats. However, you can have your Roman blinds and cellular blinds made in smaller panels with individual controls, allowing you to raise or lower each panel separately.

The Best Blinds for Window Walls

Sometimes called curtain walls, window walls usually extend all the way from the ceiling–or just below it–down to the floor. They can also extend from one end of the room to the other, and depending on the location, might even have a door. This makes them a little more difficult to cover with blinds, but you still have several types of blinds that work well with window walls.

Vertical Blinds

A little like Venetian blinds in that you can open the blinds fully or partially, and also open or close the blades. Vertical blinds are easy to clean and work well on banks of windows with a door installed. The amount of sun and heat they are exposed to will influence your choice of material.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide blinds are an even better option for window walls with doors, especially sliding doors. The panels are wider, and the head-rail track allows you to slide individual panels open.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds work well with any large windows, but for very wide windows you might want to opt for multiple blinds instead of just one or two wide blinds. This will allow you much greater control over your view, privacy, and light. And with both panel glide and roller blinds you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, including blockout or sheer. If you install roller blinds on a bank of windows that also has a door, be aware of how they are mounted so as not to interfere with the doorway.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer fantastic privacy and light control, along with providing great insulation. More than this, they are also act as a design feature making a beautiful statement both inside and outside your home. They are highly customisable and available in a wide range of materials and colours, and work well on most windows, large or small, and on hinged, sliding, and folding doors.

Spend less time worrying about which blinds will work best with your large windows. Book an obligation-free measure and quote with Adorn Blinds and we’ll include a complimentary design consultation. Ensuring your blinds not only fit perfectly, but also work beautifully whatever the window type.