Using Plantation Shutters to Reduce Noise

For many of us, our home is a sanctuary. It’s not only where we spend quality time with loved ones, but also where we relax, sleep–and increasingly–work. But the world outside the walls and windows of our homes is rarely quiet, and it doesn’t take much for outside noise to intrude into our sanctuaries.

Windows are an important part of house design, giving us a view of the outside world, allowing light in, and–when open–helping with airflow and temperature control. But they are also a weak spot when it comes to noise. Their size, and the use of single glazing, make it quite easy for outside noise to become an inside problem. One solution to this is to replace the glass with double or triple glazing. But this is expensive and disruptive. A simpler solution would be to look at your window coverings. Blinds and heavy curtains can help to dampen some of the noise, but plantation shutters do this a lot better. Plus, they look great and have other benefits too.

How Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise

It is a combination of the design, the materials, and the way they are installed that make plantation shutters more effective than curtains and other blind types in reducing noise inside your home. One of the first things you would notice about plantation shutters is that the blades or slats are thicker than those on Venetian blinds, even those made of timber or faux wood. Additionally, the blades are surrounded by a thick border, and the actual frame fits precisely into the window frame. This, along with the use of solid timber or PVC for the shutters, work together to substantially block outside noise.

Having the plantation shutters fit precisely into the window frame plays a key role in blocking noise, since it reduces the amount of space through which noise can travel. Something that isn’t possible with other types of blinds, or with curtains. Naturally, with the blades open more noise will get through, but you can easily close them to immediately reduce the noise again.

Other Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are not only great at reducing outside noise, they’re also great for light and temperature control, and for enhancing privacy inside your home. The blades or slats can be angled to control the amount of light allowed in, and to channel airflow if the windows or doors are open. Closing them completely not only gives you maximum privacy and light control, but the design and composition also help insulate your home. This can help reduce your energy usage by keeping your home cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. And being somewhat more prominent than blinds and curtains, they also become a design feature.

Using plantation shutters in one or two rooms in your home doesn’t mean you have to use them throughout. You can use them only in the rooms most exposed to outside noise, and have blinds or curtains installed in other rooms and they won’t look out of place. However, you need to remember that plantation shutters don’t offer complete soundproofing. They’re great for reducing most environmental noise but won’t completely eliminate your exposure to outside noise.

Our Design Consultants are experts when it comes to plantation shutters and will be able to advise on whether they are a suitable solution for you. The complimentary design consultation that is included with our free measure and quote service will also ensure that the materials you choose for your shutters are ideal for the benefits you want.