Plantation Shutters

About Plantation Shutters

They’re a timeless home improvement, they add value to your home, and they look fantastic no matter what style of home you own. It’s safe to say we’re talking about plantation shutters. As one of the most desirable window furnishings on the market, our plantation shutters are enduringly elegant yet highly durable too.

Key benefits of investing in Plantation Shutters with ADORN:

Timber Composition – We use 100% premium grade, solid timber. Other companies use composite and off cut, or even worse MDF just to cut costs.

Valuable Knowledge Advice – Our Design Consultants are experts when it comes to Plantation Shutters. Their advice and guidance will determine whether the shape of your windows are suited for Plantation Shutters. Adorn boasts the most extensively trained Design Consultants in the blinds industry. Can other companies say the same?

Experienced Installers – Did you know the end result and longevity of your Plantation Shutters depends on the installation and check measure? This is an area where cheaper companies compromise to save costs by neglecting to perform check measures with experienced Plantation Shutter installers. Adorn will always book a check measure to ensure your Plantation Shutters fit perfectly.

Acclimatised – To prevent cracking and splitting, our Plantation Shutters are slow kiln dried for one week to completely remove moisture and allow the Plantation Shutter to acclimatise to the Australian weather conditions. This process is a critical step that many companies skip to cut costs.

Paint Quality – The quality of paint is imperative for a flawless looking Plantation Shutter. Adorn uses computerised spraying techniques with two undercoats, two overcoats to ensure a beautiful finish and consistency.

Joins – Not all Plantation Shutters have the same type of joins. We utilise mortise and tenon joins to ensure your Plantation Shutters won’t crack and will last a lifetime.

Maximum Panel Width – Have you had a company say they cannot manufacture a Plantation Shutter to a certain width, and we have told you otherwise? This is a key indicator of the lack of quality and strength within their product.

Framing – No window is 100% square and straight. Our exclusive framing options can be the difference between a professional or amateur finish.

Your Plantation Shutters Should Last A Lifetime – If your Plantation Shutters have less than a 10 year warranty, then you should be asking why?