Venetian Blinds

About Venetian Blinds

Widely recognisable, Venetian Blinds are the most common type of window furnishing that combine timeless good looks and practicality.

Giving your home a distinctly European feel, Venetian Blinds consist of horizontal slats (or blades) that can be pivoted to control the amount of light passing through your windows.

Manufactured in a variety of materials including;

  • Timber (Purewood)
  • Visionwood (Faux Wood)
  • Tin, and
  • Aluminium

ADORN Aluminium Venetian Blinds allow excellent control of light, ventilation and privacy at an affordable price point.

Our aluminium slats measure 0.21mm which is thicker than most suppliers in our industry.

With a baked enamel finish and flexibility to prevent damage, the ADORN Aluminium Venetian Blind has strengthened durability while keeping it light to operate, and elegant in appearance.

Visionwood Venetians have a 3mm thickness, and are available in both 50mm and 63mm slats. ADORN’s 50mm slat Visionwood Venetians come in 8 different colours from classic whites, through to the on-trend greys and neutrals; while our 63mm slats come in 4 colours; vivid white, stone, glass and smoke.

Our Purewood Timber Venetians are made of Basswood, sourced from sustainable forestry only.

With added options such as woven ladder tape, and motorisation, ADORN’s Purewood Venetians come in a range of contemporary colours such as rustic wood grains and sophisticated high gloss finishes.